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Short Story

Back in March 2020, I asked readers to send me random words, which I then used as inspiration to write a short, cozy mystery. It was another attempt to stay CONNECTED, COZY & CREATIVE with everyone. Sixty cozy readers sent me over ninety words which resulted in Don’t Wine.”

In this short story, Jane and Ernest, a middle-aged married couple who are new empty-nesters, visit Sancerre, France to attend a wedding. Once they arrive, however, they find that their idyllic dream vacation isn’t what they’d hoped it might be. To make matters worse, they witness a murder that no one believes was a crime. Afraid that the murderer will be after them next, they must solve a mystery no one else will undertake.

Author Christin Brecher

Readers Guide for your Book Club

Thanks to the many Book Clubs who have expressed interest in including Snapshot of NYC Mysteries and the Nantucket Candle Maker Mysteries in their lineups… In hopes that I can add to your meetings, attached is a Reader’s Guide to PHOTO FINISHED with more to come! And you can always feel free to invite me to your book club. I love talking books with fellow readers.

Author Christin Brecher

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